The magic of a red pendant

In ancient Egypt, red was associated with prosperity, life, victory and health. Officially recognised colour of the Fall 2017 in fashion, red is the way forward for modern days' everyday wear. Darom Adom (Red South) festival in Israel, celebrates landscapes of red anemones each year. But why don't we see much red in home interiors designs? When was the last time you were invited into a friend's house to celebrate their move - in date and admired a new red bed or a new red clock or a sofa?

'Red kettle in the kitchen is as far as I would go', says a friend of mine. Don't you think it's time to refresh your home with a splash of red colour? The colour of love and hate, life and death, good and evil. The colour full or energy and intense emotions, appetising and mouthwatering, the colour of power and determination.

Here we collected several of the best in our opinion interior designer works in a number of variations of red.

1/5 - Living room, lounge

Marcel Wanders - Netherlands

A touch of passion and sensuality is given to this atmosphere. Strikingly bold and beautiful, sexy and relaxing, passionate and rich. Warm white lighting adds a splash of cosiness to the interior with colour - block soft cushions for a relaxed finish.

2/5 Private lounge and guest entertainment room

Philippe Starck - France

A hint of richness and wealth immediately felt when looking at this room. Bye bye traditional green snooker tables, hello wine red interior where the first thing you think of is a glass of house red.

3/5 Kitchen space in mouthwatering red

Cooke & Lewis - UK

Ever wondered why McDonald's adverts tend to have red background? Red triggers stimulation and hunger by positively affecting one's appetite. So no more missed lunches and dinners at home because this kitchen will ensure your family lick their fingers eating healthy greens!

4/5 Lavish Egyptian ruby red and gold bedroom

Ideal Home - UK

A rich palette of Middle - Eastern shades for the lovers of everything grandeur. Layered curtains and bedspread cushions made of Dunelm Mill add an extravagant feel to this room.

5/5 Kids' room ideas - keep things tidy

California Closets

Budget version for everyday needs of your child while keeping the interior interesting and bright. Perfect choice for a boy dreaming of becoming a sailor which is, indeed, rare nowadays.

And, finally, the magical red pendant. These are going to be used for one of our current projects in conjunction with red carpet and warm lighting colour for Lluks London's bridal dressing room. We will keep you updated on the progress of this project and indeed upload all images once the bridal room renovation is over. Meanwhile, sharing these ideas with you.

If you would to share your ideas with us on red in interior, let us know! Email us, call us, or share this post on Facebook with your friends. Share your thoughts below and we will gladly respond to all your enquiries. Get in touch!

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