How to convert an industrial unit into a Bridal dressing room

 Welcome to our first blog post! It's been a long time ago since we started planning our blogging page and this finally came to life! We would like to thank every single client of ours who kindly allowed us use their property images to be publicly displayed here and in all our portfolio albums.

Our story began back in 2005 when a general builder, now our MD, Spas Andreev set up  his very own limited company. The head office was located in 195 Brondesbury Park NW2 5JN. Formerly Skata Ltd, we re-branded and are now called Building Intelligent Construction. What's better, we have moved into a new office at the below address: 

410 Britannia House 

11 Glenthorne Road 

Hammersmith, London 

W6 0LH 

You can get in touch with us via email at or call our office at 020 8563 2373 

Back to the conversion project. The overall idea of this project is to convert an industrial - type unit into a retail customer - friendly bridal and Royal Ascot dressing room. Here is the photo of how the unit looked before we started the work: 

The unit is very spacious and has plenty of day light which works in favour of any potential bridal fitting room. The key challenge of this project is to make all fittings look great and design them fully removable and transferable to another location if such is required by the lettings and management agency. After contacting the authorities, our assessment part of the unit began. 


The ceiling was originally painted in white with two aluminium pipes running across hiding the electrical cords. As much as hiding the cords, the aluminium pipes did their job - made the unit look like a basement providing basic lighting and access to electric boxes. To modernise the look and be able to add chandelier, the ceiling needed to look spotless and contemporary which we achieved by designing its' shape to reflect the fittings on the floor - the bar area and the fitting room using plaster boards cut around the shape of the designated chandelier in the centre and spot lights above area of the potential catwalk and the fitting room. 


The unit is located on the ground floor of the property neighbouring an industrial clothing manufacturer unit next door. Caused by constant use of steaming machines and an industrial fabric press, damp air is condensed and penetrates the walls by causing damp patches of painting on the opposite side of the wall (i.e. walls of the bridal fitting room to be). Damp patches flake when the heating is turned on and leave yellow stains on the walls. To solve the problem, an extractor fan was installed to allow appropriate level of ventilation and prevent future appearance of such spots. Walls are kept brilliant white with future installation of LED strips around the edges of the wall - sized mirrors inside the fitting room and opposite the potential guest lounge area. 


We won't lie - it all started with floors. Originally concrete, painted in grey, they needed to accommodate a fitting of a wide wedding gown or an evening outfit. As we all know, ladies like to look beautiful and such their fitting room shall be. The owner of the property, Tanya Dimitrova, whose favourite colour is red, really wanted to have 'a bit of red' in the room. It was decided to turn this dull - looking grey concrete into a soft - walking experience on a (pause) red carpet! To even - out the off - balanced floor and its uneven surfaces, we designed a wooden platform with built - in stair extensions that not only allow disabled access but additional insulation. 

Champagne Bar 

Thanks to the forward - thinking architect, the unit came with a built - in kitchen area. Very basic in design, it featured open - plan fitting and a small - sized sink with room for a cooler under the worktop. As we were unable to remove it, we decided to turn it into a champagne bar. With red pendants to compliment the floors, we added a luxury touch with a widened wall - worktop (or bar top?) to serve champagne to guests and family of a bride while those are waiting for their fitting. 

Fitting room 

The unit, very spacious and bright, had to have a secluded fitting room area where clients would get changed and potentially hide from guests while they are getting dressed. As the room did not offer a fitting room space, we build a temporary wall to the right hand side of the entrance with a projected curtain pole for added strength and functionality of the latter. 

Current look of the property

This is the current look of the property. There is still a lot more to come. Watch out this space as upon completion of the project we will post the scope of the project along with the total cost paid for it. 

If you like this post, share it with your friends! If you have a similar project in mind, get in touch for your no - obligation quote today.  

This article is written by Zalina Mamedkuliyeva. 

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